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Anyone going? At work, I am preparing a 1913, 1-38 Packard, a 36, Packard Super 8 Convertible Phaeton and a 35, Le Baron-bodied, Model K Lincoln roadster for the R&M auction.

I wonder how the market is going to be effected by the pending sales of two collections recently seized by the US gov. One in Indiana and one in Salt Lake City, together with the likely pending liquidation of the O'Quinn collection out of Houston and the Bankrupt Dean Kruise collection out of Auburn. Seems like this will depress the market. On the other hand, the economic conditions support an argument that we might see a flight towards hard assets. Note the recent Southeby's art auction results.
Any thoughts??

Richard Crump

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Comment by Rafe Saber on December 31, 2009 at 9:20pm
My two bits worth. Take a look at THIS ALBUM as it relates to your post. This approx amazing 150 car collection is in Spain. I was asked to put out feelers to see if there was any interested buyer/s. So far nothing. To date as far as I know it remains unsold.

I personally feel pessimistic about the non-Jag vintage market. I believe the market for the next couple of years will go through a period of downward readjustment as many of these vintage car hard assets have become toxic and over inflated. In other words very similar to what happened to the sub prime mortgages. The idea of endless growth and exorbitant profits relating to the vintage car market is of course unrealistic.

Jags on the other hand will be affected but to a much lesser degree. Mainly because they have been elevated to a lifestyle and as member Urs Schmid (author of the best and most comprehensive book on XK 120s) very wisely said they are part of a cult. Cults such as our Jag cult will never die and will continue to flourish and grow. My hope and aspiration is that the Jaguar Social Network site will help in that growth.
Comment by Richard S. Crump on January 1, 2010 at 10:03am
Wow! lets get all the members together and co-sign for each other for the purchase of the Spanish collection!
Seriously, I think your comments will also hold true for the lessr marks of special interest cars. (I hope so - I own a number of these.) The american muscle cars will continue to take a bath. I also think cars in the 100k to 250K (maybe up to 500K) will subside in value. I suspect the market will hold for the ultra-exotics. Duesenburg, pre-war Mercedes roadsters, Horsch etc.


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